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A Google search for essentials for newborn multiples will result in list after list of things you must register for, but how do you know what you will really need and what to skip? The simple answer is, you won't really know until your babies arrive. There's no way to fully prepare for the arrival of multiple babies. You'll discover your basics and "must haves" by compiling the essentials from online lists and from recommendations you get from experienced parents of multiples.

I've attempted to do that for you here. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it will give you a good start from a newborn twin mom with a fresh perspective.

1. Twin Pack n' Play- You honestly don't need fancy cribs when you first bring your twins home. Unless you don't plan on having your twins sleep in your bedroom, a portable crib m...


During pregnancy, like most first time mothers-to-be, I wanted to do everything I could to prepare for my sweet baby. I researched all the top brands of car seats, cribs, strollers. I bought a book touting the top 100 foods for a healthy pregnancy, and even wore a heart rate monitor during workouts to make sure I would not stress the baby. I felt I was ready and prepared to give my baby the best start!

Shortly after my beautiful daughter entered this world, we were hit with months of terrible colic; gut-wrenching screams came from her all day long. It was on the advice of some amazing moms and lactation specialists in my breastfeeding support group that I learned to remove several foods from my diet to quell her swollen, gassy, painful tummy as I breastfed her. I had long known that consuming the right foods is...

Before our twins were born and their nursery was a blank canvas with hardwood floors and tan walls, I would walk around their room daydreaming. I imagined painting the walls sky blue with clouds and hot air balloons. I dreamed about picking them up from their cribs as they smile and coo. I couldn't wait for the sweet snuggles, the just bathed baby smell, the double dose of love. 

At 35 weeks, 4 days they decided it was time to make their grand entrance. My water broke and reality set in. Everyone says it's nothing like in the movies. It was exactly like a scene from a movie. Unsuspecting soon to be mom carries on her usual day then all of a sudden it happens. Water gushes everywhere as she tells her nervous husband to get her to the hospital stat. They call the OB as they hurry to find their meticulously packed...

As I start this New Year I am excited for all the changes.  My twins just turned two and I know that our routine and daily lives will continue to grow and change as they do.  We are miles from where we started in 2016, but this year it’s time for us to start doing more. 

Being a twin mom creates a unique set of challenges.  Luckily for me, there are always new and inventive things to make my life easier.  I am all about gadgets. If it makes my day go more smoothly, it’s a must.  Here is a list of a few that helped my husband and I make it through our first 2 years.

I have secretly always wanted to be the 'cool' mom. The one who drives a car that looks sleek and trendy with all the luxury bells and whistles, and who always has the car clean and organized. I didn't want to become the mini-van mo...

We have all heard the phrase in movies “it’s a Christmas miracle”

This is the time of year that wishes should be granted,  hopes fulfilled, dreams to become reality. As my twins turn five this month and I struggle to make their birthdays special and separate from Christmas I am reminded that they are indeed Christmas miracles.

They are our only biological children but they are not our first children. In 2008 we had the amazing opportunity to be foster parents. After a struggle with infertility my husband and I decided to pursue adoption through fostering. We dove into the lengthy and invasive foster parent certification process with an open but cautious attitude. At the time our friends were fostering an infant and were in the process of finalizing adoption. Their fostering journey had been rough and messy, physi...

With Thanksgiving approaching, our thoughts turn to showing appreciation for the many things in our life that we are grateful for such as family, friends, jobs, health, safety.These are among many of the blessings we focus on at the holidays. In this month’s blog an AMOM member reflects on her family and shares her story of thankfulness.

This November will mark my three year anniversary as a member of this great organization Arlington Mothers of Multiples. In November 2013, I decided to take a big leap and put myself out there for a group of women that I did not know and it scared me. I was looking for others that shared my way of life and understood the craziness of living a life with multiples. You might wonder why this was a leap but it required me to face the dreaded question “how many multiples do you have?”...

It's finally fall in Texas. If you're lucky enough to get a sitter, there are plenty of fun fall activities to enjoy with your better half. Don't have a sitter? Check out the Nextdoor neighborhood app to find a recommended babysitter in your neighborhood or local area. Here are ten of my favorite local dates to help the two of you remember your pre kid days.

1. A Sweet Date at Kate Weiser Chocolate. With a location at Trinity Groves and a new location at Northpark Center, Kate Weiser Chocolate has become DFW's favorite destination for elegant, hand crafted chocolates. Each chocolate is painted to look like a work of art and everything tastes as good as it looks.

Kate's fall specialties include the pumpkin pie candy bar, a chocolate pumpkin filled with truffles and chocolate dipped goodies, and an adorable chocola...

When I first moved back to Texas and was visiting a park with my 2 year old twins I noticed a moms group having a playdate.  I was considering joining a club at the time and was observing with the intention of approaching them for more information. But one thing I noticed was the lack of multiples. Yes many of them had two children but one was younger and safely cradled in a carrier or secured in a stroller.

The mom was free to guide and chase her toddler around the slides and pry wood chips out of his hands.

The moms with only one child were busy posing their baby for pictures. Full attention was given to that child. Both hands were offered as they came down the slide. One mom even sipped a hot latte!

They were all free to chat with little distractions. It was then that I realized that a regular moms club wouldn't...

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